Here is Your Fire


relating to, or characteristic of the demigod Prometheus, especially
in being rebelliously creative and innovative.

Who We Are

There was a void in the marketing and advertising world, an absence of honesty and consistent performance. The fire had dwindled and few seemed to have any real, lasting solutions.

We simply could not stand for that.

We work by referral only, and by doing so, we cut out a lot of the unnecessary aspects and confusion of traditional agencies. By not marketing ourselves we are able to focus all of our efforts on helping our clients grow, and by doing so…we grow together.

We are boundless thinkers, voracious researchers and constant perfectionists.

What We Do

To repair anything, it must be disassembled. We break everything down to its most simplistic elements, to understand, strategize, execute.

Just as any fire requires just 3 simple elements, fuel, air and spark, a marketing campaign does not require complexity.

No two projects are identical; thus, one cannot have interchangeable methods. To be truly effective we custom tailor our approach…every time.

We tell your story, to the right people, in the right way, at the right time.

The Process

Step 1

Know the audience

Step 2

Find them

Step 3

Build a story

Step 4

Throw a spark

Work With Us

You Want to Fan the Flame

Alone we are smart.
Together we are brilliant.

If you have any marketing or advertising channels or service that could benefit our clients, reach out and let us know how we can collaborate. Be Specific.

You Want to Hire Promethean Marketing

We are currently accepting new Sr. listed clients (Nasdaq or NYSE markets). All other new business is handled by referral or on a strictly case-by-case basis.

For a rapid response please send all business inquiries or opportunities to