Must Read for CEOs: There’s no “secret” to raising capital, however…

A Small Shift In Strategy Could Yield Exponential Results For Your Company

As CEO, if you had turned $1 into $4 for your company would it have helped your business?

In recent years, our clients averaged $4.64 received in net cash for every $1 spent on media.

That’s a 565% increase in net cash from financing activities…

Here are some additional average figures from 19 clients over the last 4 years: 

  • 4,000% increase in trading volume
  • 115% increase in market cap
  • Nearly $300M in net cash raised

Look, we can’t promise you can do the same, truth be told, it’s more about the quality of the businesses our clients are building than the dollar invested. 

We simply used that dollar in a measured way to share their story with the right audience… and while working with us their business resonated with tens of thousands of people that invested in their company.

More investors allowed our clients to have real conversations with bankers and financiers, acquire better assets, and free themselves up to focus on what matters most… building value.

There’s no pitch here, no silver bullet or gimmick to sell you.

It has taken nearly 20 years and a lot of effort to develop and refine our process

We’ve worked with clients on average for 14 months and some as long as 4 years across multiple companies. Ultimately, if we do our job right, these companies don’t need us anymore, and that’s a beautiful thing! 

That’s why, we’re currently looking for the RIGHT businesses to work with next. 

So, let’s talk. We’ll openly share everything we know freely and ask only that you be honest with us. Fair enough?

There’s a catch, we’re only interested in working with:

  • Nasdaq or NYSE CEO or capital markets director (sorry no OTC companies)
  • Value creators who make money building value, NOT value consumers by selling stock
  • Companies willing to be led by experts (in a collaborative setting of course)
  • CEOs that won’t “sell their soul” to raise a buck. They know the value of what they’re building doesn’t come cheap
  • Companies and people that have a good reputation, not  “bad actors”

If this is you, click the link below, and pick a time to talk. We’d love to hear about what you’re working on and we’ll share our complete strategy with you, no cost, no obligation, and most importantly, no BS.